Friday, October 21, 2011

55. Review: LAY BARE - Waxing Salon (SM San Lazaro)

All girls needs to be beautiful and feel clean from the very tip of their hair :D so I introduce to you LAY BARE! waxing salon

It was before Christmas and I want something new and something that I never did before in my whole years of being a teen, I decided to try waxing :) at SM San Lazaro this Lay Bare salon caught my attention, because the prices are affordable for a student like me. :> It was nice and comfy that time when I lay at their bed but once it started. My sister said it was relaxing but for me it was T____T painfuuul! The staff we're nice and friendly, they are very caring and they really did a good job on my under arm and the ambiance is 100% relaxing! :) The wax technicians also provide you with DO'S and DON'TS after waxing. :)

Then I came there again after 3-4 weeks I also tried their threading :) it was nice, i really like the result even it was painful again. :)) My pain tolerance is really really looooow.

1. Never shave your underarm during baths or before bath.
2. Do not soak your underarm in water for 4-5 hours, also, do not use any products after shaving.
3. If you ever did those from 1-2 it will cost you ugly effects, the following are:
   ~ chicken skin.
   ~ dark underarm.
   ~ chopped underarm skin.
4. Waxing does not assure that the hairs will automatically go bye bye, they'll come back after 2 weeks or so but if you continue this method you'll see small changes, the following are:
   ~ Thinning of hairs.
   ~ Less hair.
5. Do not use deodorant before going to Lay Bare waxing Salon.

 "We are the 1st ever unwanted hair removal specialist in the Philippines. We only use cold, sugar wax. No more hot wax, no more strips! Just plain hair removal at a price you can definitely afford. :)"

These are their affordable prices. :) 

This is their location at SM San Lazaro. :>

NOTE: I am not paid to do this review, these are based from my own honest opinion.

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  1. SUGARING is much better than waxing. It's less painful,less breakage,less ingrown hair. :)

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